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Grow to give is a non profit company.

We assist our members with inner growth and outer giving.

We use S.M.I.T.H. to serve you. Named after our founder,

– James A. Smith.







S.M.I.T.H. was created because James’ ADHD required a way for him to remember – to stay focused on the mission and purpose.

He claims to have a great memory – it’s just too short!

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James has been in direct sales, marketing, leadership, and motivation since 1988. He is Author of the book, I Was Born to Win: How to Think It, Say It, Believe It, & Live It! In addition to speaking, training, and writing, James will soon hosts a video and audio podcast covering personal and professional growth.

He stimulates audiences with his charismatic style, humorous insights, and contagious high energy. Inspiring, passionate, and encouraging are words frequently used to describe James. His unique personality allows him to effectively communicate through hope, humor, and harmony. James has trained thousands of people both directly and through public seminars all over the nation.

From humble beginnings in the small southern town of Plant City, Fl. James now devotes his life to cheering for others, especially the “perceived” underdog. In 2005 James diverted much of his focus from a successful career in the mortgage industry to join the World renowned Zig Ziglar Team in Dallas, TX as an outside independent speaker. James currently serves people through speaking, training, and coaching.

Personally, he is involved with a Christian based outreach for social and personal development. His daughter, Cassandra and her husband, Dwayne have two boys, Aaron and Christian who happen to love “Poppy”

James resides in Bradenton, FL.

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Our Strategy

We bring out more of the grower and giver in you via community outreach, seminars, coaching, and soon to be podcast.

Our Mission

To assist you in outgrowing your current mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual position so that you may give more of your God-given gifts to others.

Our Vision

To be a leader in promoting and implementing inner growth and outer giving.

Our Values

A team of growers and givers – adding love to lives via support, motivation, inspiration, training, and humor.

What We Believe

Every human is looking for significance, purpose, and love. This is achieved by giving significance, purpose, and love to others.

We do this locally and nationally through seminars, training events, coaching, and other resources.

You can only give what you have available.